Benefits of Saltwater Pools

Envision a charming oasis in the Desert. Quiet, secluded Palm Desert Hotel - a special place, and a very private place designed with your comfort in mind - The Inn at Deep Canyon.

Benefits of Saltwater Pools

daypoolHere at The Inn, one of  our guest’s favorite things to do is relax and lounge by the pool. The pool is the main focus point and we are very proud of it.We are also very proud that our pool and jacuzzi are made of saltwater instead of harsh chlorine. Here are some great benefits to saltwater pools.

Chemicals- Saltwater pools use much less chemicals than standard chlorine filled pools, resulting in far fewer chemicals that the body comes into contact with. This means that saltwater pools are also more environmentally safe than those with chlorine.

Comfort- Traditional chlorine can cause dry and irritated eyes, itchy and dehydrated skin, and discolored hair (blondies know this all too well, green hair, we’re looking at you). Saltwater is much more gentle and is much less likely to cause an unfavorable reaction.

Medical Conditions- This is a bit of a scary one. Pure chlorine pools can organochlorines, which mimic human hormones. These fake hormones can cause a myriad of terrifying conditions such as infertility, immune system abnormalities, and numerous cancers. This doesn’t happen with saltwater pools because it does not allow for organochlorines to form.

Don’t risk disease, green hair, and dry eyes and skin with traditional chlorine pools. Jump into our saltwater pool next time you visit and see how luxurious salt water can be!

By Elizabeth Threadgill