Get Fit in the Pool

Envision a charming oasis in the Desert. Quiet, secluded Palm Desert Hotel - a special place, and a very private place designed with your comfort in mind - The Inn at Deep Canyon.

Get Fit in the Pool

Swimming PoolThe Inn at Deep Canyon is the perfect place to plan a fitness getaway. Palm Desert is a wonderful place to get (or stay) fit. With stunning hiking trails, bountiful gyms and wellness centers, the desert offers countless opportunities for fitness. While your here, don’t forget the pool in your workout regime!

Getting a workout in the pool is a multi-taskers dream; you can burn a large amount of calories and tone muscles, all while having fun in the pool. Pool workouts (swimming, treading water, water aerobics) are very low impact, ideal for those with injuries or wanting to give their bodies a rest from pounding the pavement.

My favorite thing to do is to go for a run or walk around the nearby neighborhoods and then jump in the pool for a quick 15-20 minute swim. It’s extremely refreshing and adds an extra calorie burn to my workout, and I feel like I earned some good laying out time by the pool after.