Joshua Tree Music Festival

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Joshua Tree Music Festival

Joshua Tree Music Festival The perfect spring-time weather of the Palm Desert area draws thousands of concert goers and music lovers each year. Coachella and Stagecoach are the big draws that get plenty of publicity, but don’t forget about smaller music festivals that call the Palm Desert area home. The 11th annual  Joshua Tree Music Festival is coming up this weekend, May 17-19 and is sure to be a great time for all.

The Joshua Tree Music Festival is an independent event that  is “produced by a family of friends convinced that music is the soul of life and that art enriches and saves souls. That experience is enhanced when embraced in the great outdoors amongst fellow music lovers. Better still in an intimate setting, where the distinction between artist and audience is blurred, and a passionate performance can be truly relished in close proximity to the stage.” While you would be lucky to get close enough to make out the artist’s faces at bigger music events, the 3 day festival offers a more intimate setting with a focus on enhancing connection and community.

There’s something for everyone at the event which features Kidsville (a quiet family space which offers arts and crafts), meditation and yoga classes all day, a world market, astrology theatre and visual art installations. They even give away free water for thirsty concert goers (unheard of in the music festival world, where water is priced at a premium of up to $7 a bottle!)

The festival takes place at The Joshua Tree Lake Campgrounds, about 50 minutes to an hour from Palm Desert. The Inn at Deep Canyon offers the perfect place to stay for the festival. Nothing is more refreshing than jumping into a salt water pool after a long weekend of dancing in the desert!