Kick Off Spring in Palm Desert

Envision a charming oasis in the Desert. Quiet, secluded Palm Desert Hotel - a special place, and a very private place designed with your comfort in mind - The Inn at Deep Canyon.

Kick Off Spring in Palm Desert

Swimming PoolSouthern Californians seem to live for the playful and warm days of spring that mean longer daylight hours, glorious sunshine and finally getting rid of that winter sweater. Unfortunately often times the weather has other plans, blessing those who live along the coast with “May Gray,” “April Showers,” and “June Gloom.”

Spring may not live up to poolside margarita sipping  expectations everywhere in California, but there’s no better time to visit Palm Desert. While San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles are getting drizzled on, Palm Desert’s average April temperature is a pleasant 80-85 degrees. Spring months are the most popular times for visitors because of the reliable sunny and warm temperatures. Average rainfall during spring is almost non-existent, ensuring maximum outdoor time.

There’s no better place to relax and soak up the sunshine than poolside at The Inn and Deep Canyon. Grab a good book and a frosty beverage and head over to Palm Desert to kick off this spring and get a headstart on that tan.