Losing Weight on Vacation: Is it Possible?

Envision a charming oasis in the Desert. Quiet, secluded Palm Desert Hotel - a special place, and a very private place designed with your comfort in mind - The Inn at Deep Canyon.

Losing Weight on Vacation: Is it Possible?

Fit belly surrounded by measuring tape on white backgroundLosing weight  on vacation (or even maintaining it) is a difficult concept that many people struggle with. Traveling, eating on the go, and not having the usual resources the exercise makes it all the more difficult. Add in all the yummy temptations that are around on vacations (flowing cocktails, lavish dinners out) and you have a recipe for tighter pants.

Luckily The Inn at Deep Canyon has everything you need to reach your fitness goals. The Inn is conveniently located next to several grocery stores (some are even within walking distance)  where you can pick up everything you need for healthy meals and snacks. Many of our rooms come with kitchenettes where you can prepare your own healthy meals, and we even have an outdoor BBQ where you can grill up whatever your heart desires.

The Inn is also right across the street from many healthy options like Subway, Panda Express, and Starbucks (their healthy egg white spinach feta wrap is to die for). Stay fit in our relaxing saltwater pool by swimming laps, or take a walk or hike on the beautiful surrounding trails in the area.