What happens in Palm Desert….stays in Palm Desert?

Envision a charming oasis in the Desert. Quiet, secluded Palm Desert Hotel - a special place, and a very private place designed with your comfort in mind - The Inn at Deep Canyon.

What happens in Palm Desert….stays in Palm Desert?

Desert in the winter at nightHave you ever had one of those weeks where there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything in your schedule? A weekend getaway to Palm Desert might just be what you need. Imagine a weekend with no hectic schedules, no deadlines and no hassles. Just a quiet getaway where you can really just rest and enjoy life. Even though both Palm Desert and Palm Springs have a lot to offer for nightlife and sightseeing, there is also a lot of quiet and peace unlike places like Las Vegas.


Even though there are times when the bright lights and loud resorts are just what we need, there are also times when peace, quiet and relaxation are in order. Palm Desert is just the place. Palm Desert is home to so many day spas that you’ll find it hard to pick just one! Research has shown that relaxation has several health benefits including; managing insomnia, buffering the physiological response to stress, and can help manage headaches. Life is so fast paced these days, that just relaxing is a luxury.

Relax at the Inn at Deep Canyon

The Inn at Deep Canyon is standing by to help you plan your relaxation getaway. From our pet friendly rooms, to our sparkling pool, we have everything you need to just relax and enjoy some peace. We have rooms to fit any size or budget. So just clear your calendar, put your comfortable clothes on and just relax!